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John Adams

Date of Birth: 20 April 1963        Married - 23 years     Wife - Michelle      Son - John     Daughter - Crystal    

Occupation - Construction Representative, Civil Services US Air Force            Hometown : Youngstown, Florida 




Most Memorable fishing Experience : Took my wife fishing for her first time ever in 1983. After about 20 minutes, she boated a  5 1/2 Pound Largemouth. She went on to catch several more nice bass. I did not catch a single fish

John states that he has been blessed to have a father who introduced him to bass fishing at the age of 6. Only fishing with artificial lures and continues to do so today. Having spent 20 years in the US Air Force, John was afforded the opportunity to travel the world over, experiencing local customs, baits and techniques for a variety of species.

John has been very successful fishing tournament trails, which require him to be open and versatile in all conditions. John does not limit himself to one trail, fishing the Fishers of Men, Military Team Bass, Seminole Team Trail to name a few.

Good Luck John for the upcoming season.

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