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Perfect Jig

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Those familiar with the Spinnerbait will notice the Flipping Jig employs the same shape and angle, which has proven to resist rollover. The industry is flooded with jigs. Many believe all jigs are the same, but Pro-Anglers know different. We at Envision demand the best quality and durability under intense fishing situations. The best thing about this jig, is it's ability to slither into heavy vegetation without fouling and extended cleaning between casts. That in itself, makes this lure a GOTTA  HAVE.

The Envision Jig is perfect for flipping, pitching or swimming. The Unique head design allows for the jig to ride upright in the water, for reduced hang-ups. Mustad Wide Bite Hook provides incredible catch rate. If he bites, you catch him.
Other features include:


                         *  Mustad “Wide Bite” Needle Point Hook. Incredible hook up ratio.

                         *  Unique head design that allows for flawless performance in any cover.

                         *  Double Rattler system. 

                         *  44 strand skirt for lifelike look

                         *  Chip resistant paint.

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