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  With the No-Roll head design, the Perfect Spin is easily fished in heavy timber. The head  design keeps the lure upright, resulting in fewer hang-ups and more solid hook sets. The compact arm design, helps prevent those annoying short strikes.

Our spinnerbaits will feature a new compact design. 
       Other unique features include:

          No roll head design    *  Mustad Ultra Point Hook   *  .32 wire for ultimate vibration

       *  Holographic eyes       *  Jewelry finished blades for high flash                            
       *  Runs true out of the box            

       Highest performance of any spinner bait on the market
       *  Genuine Worth swivel for flawless performance          

                     *   Available blade combinations: Double Willow, Tandem Willow
                     *   Available Sizes: 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2

          Blue & White                Chartreuse & White                  White                           Chartreuse

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