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Robert Stewart

Date of Birth:  10 May 1957     Married: 31 years  Wife - Donna       Daughter - Leanne

Occupation: Construction Inspector/Representative CDM      Hometown: Panama City, Florida



Most Memorable Fishing Experience: When I took my wifw fishing and told her she had complete
control of the boat. When she asked where we should go, I replied it was up to her. I told her we could go
anywhere on the lake. She controlled the trolling motor the entire afternoon. She actually put us both on fish and the first two were over five pounds. She caught the first and the last fish that day.We have enjoyed many outings since.

Robert was not introduced to bass fishing until late in his life when, in 1994 he joined a club in Texas. The club fished year round and Robert was a non-boater, fishing used water from the back seat. This was not a bad thing, because it allowed him to observe and learn many techniques fishing behind others. Robert bought a boat and scouted water on his own. This allowed Robert to place 1st in two out of three tournaments befor being deployed. In 1999, Robert began fishing numerous trails across the southeast, and has been very successful.

Robert has switched over to Envision for all of his Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and Jig needs. Thanks Robert for the loyalty and testimony to our product lineup.

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