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This page is dedicated to Envision Lures TROPHIES

         Send us your pictures when you catch a nice stringer
        of bass or your picture of the next trophy "Lunker Bass"
(Only rule we have is that you have to catch'em with Envision Lures.)


                                                                Tom Wallace    11 Pounds  5 Ounces
                                                                  3/8 Chartreuse Flash Spinner bait
                                                                    28 August 2014  Byron, Georgia

                           Christian Perkins                           1st  Place  using SweetSpot Jig  
             Coosa Shad Spinnerbait                               tipped with Night Crawler  
                  Clanton, Alabama                                    Warner Robins, Georgia

                             Jeremy   Pratt                                      Shane Duncan
                Black & Blue Jig                                    Bubblegum Spinnerbait

                       Jones County, Georgia                                                       Erie, Pennsyalvania

                                Greg Martin                                            
                        Rootbeer Jig                                     Chartreuse & white Spinnerbait
                Warner Robins, Georgia
                                                    Miledgeville, Georgia

                  Robert Stewart                                                    John Adams
              Junebug with Rootbeer Jig                                     Black & Blue Jig
                Panama City, Florida                                          Youngstown, Florida

                    Casey Smith                                                            Mike
                 Georgia Craw Jig                                            Coosa Shad Spinnerbait
                   Macon, Georgia                                              Clear Lake California

                      Wes Deck                                                             Lance Bearden
                 Black & Blue Jig                                                   Silver Flash Spinnerbait
                  Byron, Georgia                                                         Macon, georgia

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