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Tom Wallace

Date of Birth : 05 July 1954     Married: 30 Years     Wife: Pat    Son: Lary   Daughter: Tamara

Occupation: Retired U.S.Air Force   Currently: Crime Scene Investigator         Hometown: Byron, Georgia

Most Memorable fishing Experience :  When my son caught his first bass during a Father/Son outing  at Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

Tom has dedicated much of his life to SERVICE. Since retiring from the US Air Force in 1994, Tom has spent countless hours in the service of others. Tom guided on Lake Mitchell, Lake Jordan and Lay Lake in Central Alabama. Today Tom gets as much pleasure from others catching fish as if he was catching them. When he is in a Tournament, he will turn to  Instructor mode in the blink of an eye. Tom has served as Tournament director for Military Bass Anglers, Champions Tournament Trail, and  as President and founder of the Central Georgia Bass Club. Tom conducts numerous KIDS ONLY Tournaments to educate young anglers the joy and relaxation of fishing, with special focus on conservation efforts. Hundreds of people benefit in one way or another from Tom's diligence and, somehow, he manages time to be a successful tournament angler. Tom's enthusiasm for the sport, led to his tackle company, Envision Lures. Check out the Tournament Winning Baits at EnvisionLures.com

Tom is a firm believer in, "The more you learn, the more you can learn". Tom has earned three degrees, with his latest in Information Technology, thirty years after graduating high school. Tom has instructed over one hundred Law Enforcement persons in computer technology enhancing their service to the public. Tom used his Technology to assist teachers with combining school curriculum for more challenging projects for middle school youth.

Tom continues to serve, he is currently a Crime Scene Investigator with the Crawford County Sheriffs Office Crawford County, Georgia.  

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